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Why Sustainable Seconds? Read here why we believe at Bear & Bugs that you should relish passing on your clothes to help save the planet one item of clothing at a time.

Why Sustainable Seconds?

Well apart from being kind to your wallet, another benefit of purchasing pre-loved clothes is environmental sustainability. Yes, buying pre-owned fasihon or 'loved childrens clothing' is Eco-friendly and by recycling your pre-loved goodies you can help everyone. Buying Sustainable Seconds doesn't promote exploitative work conditions.

Other benefits range from fewer carbon emissions to saving water and reducing waste.  To continue to use the clothes to their fullest potential life span can help keep them from landfill for many years. A lot of water and chemicals go into manufacturing our garments. If the clothes are recycled, it means we are being living a more sustainable life and instead this water can be used for other purposes. In short  buying ethical and sustainable clothing can reduce your environmental impact!

Sell us your second-hand clothing at Bear & Bugs. We love clothes from organic and ethical brands such as Kite, Little Green Radicals, Pigeon Organics, Toby Tiger, Frugi, Maxomorra, JNY, Duns, Piccalilly, The Bunting Tree and any of the other organic brand that we've not listed!

What to do now

Follow these instructions to help the environment

  1. Check out our house rules for your Sustainable Seconds at the bottom of this page.

  2. Wash, dry and iron clothes that you want to trade.

  3.  Take a quick snap and email this with a short description of the clothes to support@bearandbugs.co.uk

  4.  Once reviewed an estimation of discount or cash will be issued.

  5.  When the items have been received they'll be checked over and your  reward will be sent to you.

sell us your pre-loved childrens clothes at Bear & Bugs. We love not just the organic brands but some high street ones too, such as Little Bird, Joules, Crew Clothing, Monsoon and more

Sustainable Seconds

As you may expect all of the Pre-Loved clothes are inspected before resale. We take great care to ensure that these sustainable seconds are in the condition we describe, we cannot always assure that all items have come from pet, smoke-free homes. 

We stock all different brands in the Sustainable Seconds Collection and we clearly state the size/age as we can see it on the label. If you require further information either  send us a message or check the manufacturer's own website, as each and every brand appear to differ a little in their sizing. We will endeavour to provide as much information as possible for each product. 

Now for some house rules when sending in your clothes

The sustainable seconds is a labour of love, each item takes a long time to process and get on the website, this is why we ask that you:

  • Ensure that all clothes are freshly washed and ironed (and preferably in excellent condition, no bobbling, stains or damage, no animal hair). 

  • We will always prefer to take organic sustainable items that come from ethical and sustainable brands over high street brands, but don't worry if you only have high street band items. We may still take them. 

  • We take clothes ages 0-14 years.

  • We are not currently taking footwear and we cannot accept handmade clothes, replicas/knockoff or low quality unknown brands, personalised items, school uniform (unless they are plain school uniform) or fancy dress.

  • If the items sent are not as described we reserve the right to withhold any points/discounts/treats that would have been provisionally agreed. We will not fund the return of these items. 

  • Please don't be offended if we say that we can't take your clothes, it is likely because we do not have anymore capacity at HQ . We are a very small family run business with a limited space available.

  • You will be offered  rewards such store credit, free delivery or store discount for any clothes that you send us.  You can opt for cash instead but we will not be able to offer any other rewards and the total cash may not be as much as the store rewards that we could offer.