How can I buy cheap organic clothes for my baby?

This is a question that is popping up more and more. With the current climate its not really a surprise.

Clothes can literally make your day feel so much better or they can ruin it! I'm sure you've had that one time when out and about that favorite piece has been snagged on something or you've had a massive spill of sauce right down the front for the whole world to see. Your heart sinks (especially if its on your fav Scandi print).

When buying clothes it is such a personal thing to do. Our clothes are an expression of who we are, who we want to be. When buying clothes for our children this is extended to them and it can be an expression of who we want them to become.

Often organic clothing is fun, bold, charming, vivid and colourful, their playful nature is something that all parents want their children to have. I know that the high-street gets a lot of grief for being a sea of pink or blue (that's an argument for another day!), but there are a few brands that are at least fun such as Little Bird or Boden. That being said these brands don't always carry organic items.

The cost of buying organic, or not

Buying organic clothing often means that the people that have made the pieces have been treated fairly. Given a fair wage and fair working conditions. It means that the materials used have been sourced from sustainable places. Not only this but organic cotton uses less water in the process of making each garment.

Often the cotton crops are treated with nasty pesticides, insecticides and much more that are harmful for the farmers, the consumers (you) and can devastate wildlife Eco-systems.

Organic means that the chemicals and dyes used have been kinder to the environment.

It also means that an organic items, like a babygrow, will be kinder to your baby's skin. It can help babies and children that are prone to eczema and other skin irritations.

All this goodness rolled up into one garment goes some way to explaining why we desire organic for our babies and older children.

How to buy organic clothes for less

Of course for a lucky few the price of clothes does not matter. For others it plays a major factor in what clothes you choose. If you are the latter (like me) don't worry, if you are savvy you can still have wonderful organic clothes for your child.

There are plenty of pre-loved businesses set up purely for this reason. It is one of the reasons we (Bear & Bugs) exist.

  • Be sure to check back regularly - We are constantly updating our stock and adding new pieces.

  • Buy in the sales ahead of time - If you are not too worried about having the current season this is a perfect way to clothe your children head to toe in organic goodness.

  • Sell your second-hand clothes to us - This way you make some money back to fund the next purchase as well as supporting a small independent business. We are always looking for organic and ethical items to sell on our site.

  • Don't be afraid of charity shops - You can find bargains for everyone in charity shops. you'll also likely be supporting a good cause in the process so you'll get an even warmer fuzzy feeling when you do find that treasure.

  • Look on social media markets - people often don't want the hassle of posting items and prefer you to just collect. You can find amazing deals on organic brands (as can other people), so be sure to set up notifications for specific items so you can get first dibs.

  • Make do and mend - I know its old school, but learning how to darn a sock or patch a hole is a sure fire way of giving your clothes a longer life, potentially saving them from landfill. Buy a item with a defect and mend it! It is a great way of getting a complete bargain from shops like us at Bear & Bugs and doing your bit to save the environment.

However if organic is still out of your comfort zone or that you are struggling to find what you want be safe in the knowledge that you can still buy second-hand items from us. For more information about our Sustainable Seconds collection take a look at our site.

If you have any questions or want to find out about the latest discount or upload of products check out our Facebook page and Instagram.

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