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Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Gender assignment for our clothes?


When creating the idea of Bear & Bugs at no point did I stop and think that I should label the clothes according to their gender status.

This to me seems silly as clothes themselves have no gender, it is the people that wear them that decided. I have lost count of the times that a well meaning member of the public has said to me 'what a lovely little boy you have', or 'aw he is so cute' whilst gesturing to my little girl.

I had started to think that it was just the way that I dressed her, until this started happening when she had dresses on too. It was around this time that I really embraced that I could let her wear what she and I wanted. One day she could wear a twirly dress and the next have on hoodie and jeans, it did not matter. As long as she was comfortable, warm and able to do what little people do, play and learn.

Once I started to realise that Bear & Bugs was going to become a reality I asked around if people thought that I should label the clothes into 'Boys' and 'Girls', was this even needed?

For the most part, pleasingly, people seemed to have the same reaction. Surely you could just tell by the pictures of the clothes if you would be happy to dress you child in that particular piece. This reaction had settled what was already in my mind. The clothes would remain clothes. They would not be assigned a gender from us, we would leave that with you, our customers. So when browsing through our collections you now know why none of the clothes have a boys or girls category.

We just want you to choose the clothes that you and your children love regardless of gender. I can not claim gender neutrality in its entirety at Bear & Bugs, we all have an unconscious bias and i'm sure that mine will creep in every so often. We will do our best to work with brands to ensure equal representation of genders, we do recognise that more can be done.

I can promise you that we will be as open as we can. We will always be grateful for feed back and will do our best to listen carefully to what you have to say.

From this we will do our upmost to learn and move forwards. We will always stock clothes that any child of any gender could wear and will always ensure that there are gender neutral choices available. At Bear & Bugs we just want all children to be happy and if possible for them to be clothed in a sustainable way to help make the planet happy too.

If you have any questions about our sustainable and ethical children's clothing please send us a message, or join us one Facebook and Instagram.

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