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Sustainably clothing your little creatures

Children grow so fast and at Bear & Bugs we want to create a sustainable choice of clothing options for them. The brands we stock have been lovingly chosen because of their ethical approach to creating stunning clothes. Our new clothing ranges come from British ethical and sustainable brands, but we don't stop there. To help fast fashion to become more sustainable we offer a pre-loved collection where you can pick  up beautiful clothes at a reduced price. This not only helps to look after the planet, but your pennies too.

Our hope is that if we all do a little something it will add up to a big something to help heal our planet.



A new beginning - A personal journey

Forever in search of something meaningful combined with becoming a mother has lead me to create Bear & Bugs. I had increasingly become uncomfortable with many high street brand ethics and felt that I wanted more from the clothes that I bought. I started to explore organic and ethical brands, as they often were bright, bold and beautiful, it was love at first sight. However, I also realised that in order to make the kids (and my own) wardrobes more sustainable that I should turn my attention to buying pre-loved clothes. It struck me that this is something that should be achievable for everyone and I wanted to help others to become more sustainable with their clothes. 

Fast forward a few years and you have reached the result of a lot of hard work. This has not been an easy journey, if you had asked me just 5 years ago 'what do you see yourself doing?', this is not what I would have said! For more information about us or other things that we thought were interesting please check out our blog.

By being kind to the planet you are helping to make a dream a reality. Thank you for shopping at Bear & Bugs. If you have any useful suggestions or feedback please use the form below. 


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